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PRC pays individuals, such as yourself, to share their opinions on new products and services. Focus groups and market research discussions are a great way to meet new people, voice your opinion, as well as make some additional money a few times a year. Typical group discussions pay a minimum of $50-125 an hour. Topics of focus group discussions include a wide variety such as snack foods, beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), pet food, automobiles, computer hardware/software, and much more.

Marketing is a multi-billion dollar business that revolves around consumers and their opinions. Major corporations and manufacturers are more than willing to pay consumers good money to help them make their products and services better and more appealing. Many individuals do not realize that their opinions not only matter to manufacturers, but are also worth money!

Consumer feedback is important to us and we are always looking for outgoing, opinionated people to join our panels. There are never any sales involved and participants walk out the door with their payment or are paid online with a digital payment. Majority of projects are held online via zoom and other digital platforms.

If you are interested in joining our panel of consumers for future research opportunities in your area, please complete the online form:

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